How do I get started?

Let me know any expectations and hopes you have for your hat! 

My process sometimes includes a sketch and sometimes does not, so I ask that you communicate everything you'd like ahead of time and then leave the rest to me. 
The best way to share your expectations and hopes with me is by sending me:

  • The design elements you want featured. For example, this landscape, that flower, this type of animal, that object, etc etc. Limit it to one or two required elements, but you're welcome to share any other ideas you have as well.
  • Reference photos of the design elements from above.
  • Colors that you have in mind for the embroidery. Do you like warm tones (browns, reds, oranges) or cool tones (greys, blues, purples)? Do you want the embroidery to be natural and subtle or bright and contrast from the hat?
  • Photos/screenshots of hats I've designed that you are drawn to and what you like about each if you want any element of them present in your design.

While I want to have full creative control over how the design looks, what it consists of is entirely up to you. Giving me all of this information beforehand gives us both the comfort that I will come up with something you love. 

How do I choose a hat?

I keep a number of hats in stock at all time to have plenty of options for you to choose from. Simply let me know what color(s) or shape(s) you have in mind and I will let you know what I have in stock. You can find examples of what I usually have from my instagram (@dianadawwwn) or my website, but I'm happy to share more options than you may see there.

How long does it take for you to make and ship the hats?

My current production time for custom hats is 6-8 weeks. 

Feel free to email me at dianadawwwn@gmail.com if you have any questions about when your hat will be ready or if you would like to pay for rush production and/or shipping. 

How are custom hat embroidery prices determined?

Through a consultation with me, I determine a price level based on the detail and time commitment of your desired design. There are five levels, starting at $350.

If you see a hat I've done before and would like something similar, I'm happy to tell you what price level that would be.

Do you need my hat size?

These hats are one-size-fits-most and have adjustable strings or straps inside to tighten the hat if it is too large. They will fit anyone who has a head circumference of about 23" to 23 1/4" and under, depending on the hat. If you think you have a larger head size and are a bit unsure, I'm happy to help!

Feel free to reach out after receiving your hat if you need help adjusting the size.

Can you embroider other hats?

Yes, I am quite happy to work with you to make a custom design on a hat you already own or plan to purchase elsewhere. Or, you can choose a style hat I currently have in stock to be embroidered with the design of your choice.

What are the hats made of?

The hats I use are 100% Australian wool.

How do I care for my hat after I get it? 

  • Store your hat on a flat surface or hang it on a nail/hook on the wall as art!
  • To clean the hat, it is best to use a natural hair brush or a natural dead sea sponge to brush it off. For any small stubborn spot cleaning, I also recommend using a hard bristled toothbrush in counter clockwise circles.
  • I don't recommend the hat being worn in rain since moisture makes the hat very pliable and likely to warp if it is not fixed into its proper shape several times while drying. A normal amount of moisture and heat can sometimes cause the brim to get a bit wonky, so I would be happy to give you instructions on how to correct the shape with a steamer or steam iron. This sometimes happens during shipping, but it is always fixable.
  • The best way to travel with your hat is on your head and then in your lap on the plane, but I can also recommend a great hat box if you would prefer to check it under the plane or protect it in the car.

What is the return policy?

Since all hats are made to order and/or custom designs, I do not accept returns or exchanges. Thank you for your understanding!