Let's create something unique to you

Let's create something unique to you

There's a rush of excitement and a twinge of fear whenever I finish a custom embroidered hat. 

The excitement is from seeing all of the requested elements come together in a piece that I'm proud to have produced. My skills develop as I push myself more with each design. I know that I am doing what I am meant to do after I emerge from the trance I find myself in while embroidering and see a finished piece has come together.

The fear is one I'm sure most artists are familiar with when creating a piece for a client: will they like it? I...

Exclusively for Free People

Exclusively for Free People

Moon Cycle Hand Embroidered Felt Hat

Featured in 2021 Holiday Gift Catalog

Starlet Hand Embroidered Felt Hat

Exclusively for Classic Rock Couture

Exclusively for Classic Rock Couture

Rising Sun

Beige Monsoon Landscape

Snake Rancher

Moon Phase

Mushroom in Black, Ivory, or Cattleman

Burgundy Rising Sun Landscape

Wide Brimmed Scorpion

Cactus Velvet Cap