Custom Design Request

Hi! If you'd like to discuss your own custom design, please let me know the following info in the comment section of the form below: 

What kind of embroidery design would you like?

Feel free to consult my custom design collections for inspiration!

What kind of hat do you have in mind?

Describe the shape and colors you're thinking about. You can reference any hats I've used before or you can give me a vague idea and I'll send you options.

Do you have a favorite of my designs or collections? 

It is helpful for me to know which of my styles you're drawn to :)

Where are you from?

I love to know a little bit more about the person I'm designing for, especially if I'm embroidering a special landscape!

Any questions for me so far? 


If you have photos you want to send me right away, you can also skip this form and email me all of your ideas at

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